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differentiating your business to drive high-margin growth

3) What’s your Competitive Ambition?

1) Dinosaurs

Businesses on their way out-of-business ... struggling to survive by selling a commodity

and Competing on Price ... believing growth

is unachievable ... whilst seeing their margins shrink & their clients start to walk

2) Defenders

Committed to continually improving their

business ... by working more effectively, cutting their costs and offering competitive prices ... Competing on Quality & Service to earn

decent margins and achieve reasonable growth

3) Buccaneers

Ambitious, clever & fiercely-competitive ...

winning at head-to-head competition by gaining

a distinctive edge to stand-out from the crowd ...

& Competing on Superior Value to capture market-share & margins from rivals

4) Trail-Blazers

Deliberately avoiding direct competition by differentiating their business to create new

& uncontested market-space ... Competing on Truly-Unique Value by offering their clients the

sort of value they simply can't get anywhere else

The Impact on your Profitability

Your Competitive Ambition ... how high you decide

to aim and the way you choose to compete ... can

    have a huge impact on your profitability ...

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