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differentiating your business to drive high-margin growth

2) How High are you Aiming?

What More could you Achieve?

If you’re running a profitable medium-

sized business then you’re obviously

already doing a lot of things right.


So with ever-fiercer competition it’s

often tempting just to go for another

5% - 10% increase in profitability ...


... whilst the question nagging away

at you is “Just HOW MUCH MORE

could we achieve if we set our sights

on the seemingly-impossible?”

Competing Head-to-Head

For all your investment in things like Quality, Continual Improvement,

Re-Engineering & Best Practice ...


... they’re focused on Getting Better ...

and just about every company on the

planet is doing the very same things.


But Getting Better still leaves you Competing Head-to-Head on the

basics ... things like quality, service

and probably fairly-similar value.


And if you’re Competing Head-to-Head

... it can have a huge impact on your profitability ... as the next 2 pages

looking at the Competitive Ambition

of 4 very-different businesses show ...

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