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differentiating your business to drive high-margin growth

5) Is Trail-Blazing for You?

Building a Trail-Blazer Business

What makes Trail-Blazers stand-out is not

just their sheer profitability ... but also

their ability to sustain it year-after-year.


But you don’t become a Trail-Blazer by

luck or accident ... you’ve got to possess

a fundamental desire to reach for that

sort of challenge ... and the belief in your mind that maybe you can make it happen.


So BIG Ambition is critical ... aiming to at least double your profitability ... because what you aim for will always tend to determine what you end-up achieving ...


... but added to your ambition, you’ll

also need a distinctive strategy for differentiating your business in ways that your clients & prospects will truly value.

Getting Different holds the Key

To build your own Trail-Blazer Business

you’ve got to focus on developing a crystal-

clear strategy for avoiding head-to-head

competition by Getting Different ...


... finding new ways to differentiate your business from those of your competitors

so you stand-out more from the crowd ...


... enabling you to attract both more and

better clients looking to buy on value ...


... which is the key to achieving what we

call high-margin growth ... where you’re

able to simultaneously grow both bigger

market-share AND higher margins.

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